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Re: ZMailer router (2.90mea.m8

> With
> 	zmailer-2.90-940626.tar.gz
> 	SunOS scapa 4.1.3C 8 sun4m
> 	gcc version 2.5.8
> With 4 routers running, I have experienced routers
> core dumping and the articles ending up in postoffice/deferred.
> The logs show "listaddresses: fdopen failed"

	Yes, I have noticed similar.
	Debugging it has turned out to be most difficult
	in deed...

> Interestingly, restarting the routers and moving the deferred files
> back to postoffice/router, the messages deliver ok.
> This can be somewhat duplicated in router test mode.
> A sample is attached.  Can you suggest what I might do to
> trace the problem further.

	I will try to dump a  libmalloc_d.a  using version
	for testers -- my own copy of it crashes on memory
	test mode quite quickly in deed..  (Without the test
	mode I am not yet sure if it will live thru a message.
	I just got the  libmalloc_d  compiling on Solaris;
	It had troubles with various odd interdependencies,
	and name collisions(!) with Solaris libraries.)

	There is a memory corruption somewhere..

	Also the  scheduler  seems to suffer from it, or
	then the   libmalloc()  is broken.  Investigation

(Deleted an interesting example showing the crash by redoing
 "router LISTNAME" several times in a row. N:th invocation
 crashes.. -- list containing a bunch of addresses, mostly
 local ones.)

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>