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Re: Spaces as delimeters

> Greetings:
> 	I'm running the stock toronto ZMailer (2.2 I believe) and have
> run into a problem with one of my apps.  It seems that ZMailer does
> not like To: or cc: fields of the form:
> 	To:	user@foo.bar user1@foo.bar user2@foo.bar
> 	Whenever It gets mail like that, Zmailer collapses the spaces and
> I wind up with the following error:
> Illegal-Object: Syntax error in To: address found on yukon.cren.org:
>         To:     marco@mh-slip.cren.netmarco@digital.cosn.org
>                                       ^-missing end of address
> 	I believe that 822 allows spaces between addresses !  Also the
> mail does get delivered to each recipient but with the error line
> above, so the envelope does generate two Mail From: lines
> 	I think this rewrite is done in the router ?  Any insight would
> be helpfull

	It is done in the  rfc822scan, and latter also in the router.
	(The write-out happens in the router..)

	RFC822 says a lot about it, but nothing eminently clear.
	The rule on addresses follows syntax of "#RULE", so, it is a list.
	See chapter 2.7.


	Your application is in error.

> Cheers,
> Marco

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>