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Re: compilation problems on Sun OS 4.1.3_U1

> 	I have problems compiling latest zmailer from ftp.funet.fi on Sun 
> Classic running Sun OS 4.1.3_U1. Screenshot is:
> gcc -traditional -O -g  -I../include -I../router  -c esyslib.c stringlib.c rfc82
> 2date.c detach.c killprev.c linebuffer.c loginit.c die.c ranny.c trusted.c alloc
> ate.c prversion.c cleanenv.c splay.c rfc822scan.c token.c symbol.c strmatch.c no
> body.c pwdgrp.c dottedquad.c hostent.c
> allocate.c:323: parse error before `const'
> allocate.c:323: syntax error before `char'
> allocate.c:324: register name not specified for `n'

The problem is pretty clear.  From the gcc info manual for the description of the
-traditional option:

        * The newer keywords `typeof', `inline', `signed', `const' and
          `volatile' are not recognized.  (You can still use the
          alternative keywords such as `__typeof__', `__inline__', and
          so on.)

Therefore, the parse error before const is because recognition of cost is turned
off with the -traditional option.  Remove this option and you likely will be