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Re: Dialup e-mail transfer

> I have a problem and would like to know if there is a solution for it.
> "The machine named VORTEX is MAIL and DNS SERVER for domain X.Y.Z.
>  The domain X.Y.Z access INTERNET by dialup telephone line. The domain
>  X.Y.Z will have a PC (with DOS or WINDOWS) which will be the MAIL
>  SERVER for X.Y.Z.
>  The question is: how can the PC take all the mail stored in VORTEX?
>  We had rather that the transfer was done using IP, more precisely with
>  SMTP. We know that the SMTP protocol specification has the TURN facility
>  but we have not seen any implamentation of MAIL SERVER and MAIL CLIENT
>  which use it. We have alredy tested KA9Q (PC side) but it does not implement
>  the TURN facility."

  No, there is no SMTP-speaking system that I know of which implement
the TURN facility.

  Problems are usually on queueing model vs. which process it is which
talks on the incoming SMTP session, also authentication of the issuer
of the TURN must be strict in deed..  (Else one could steal email
directed elsewere..)

To use TURN to trigger scheduler for delivering queued files to
given destination is implementable, though.    Something like:

  220-yyyyyy Server ESMTP ready at ....
  EHLO xxxxxxx
  250-yyyyyy Hello xxxxxx ...
  250 HELP
  502- Ok xxxxxxx, I will inform queue scheduler to trigger a transport
  502- session towards you.  You can close this SMTP session, but don't
  502- hang-up the TCP/IP connection!

Usually dialup sessions are run over UUCP -- maybe an UUCP-over-TCP could
be your choice ?  (It has unnecessary overhead as well, raw UUCP is better.)

 ...  Just a sec, remote dialup site will have DOS+Windows as their email
server...  Well, if you absolutely insist, but putting a 386sx with Linux
should not be too difficult, and would yield you far better platform for
running the email hub..

Ok, some DOS/Windows UUCP software could do it best for you, unless you
can go to Linux+UUCP.

> Thanks a lot for your help!
> Marcelo Spohn (spohn@darwin.cesup.ufrgs.br)
> National Supercomputer Center
> Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
> Porto Alegre - RS - BRAZIL

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>