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Re: Cannot open....

> Hello,
> I'm suddenly getting following messages:
> May 5 10:28:57 ccsun smtpclient: Cannot open control file "local/69910" 
> from "/var/spool/postoffice/scheduler" as uid 0! (No such file or
> directory)
> I think the problem is in permissions of /var/spool/postoffice/scheduler
> subdirs:

  No, more likely you have restarted your scheduler a moment before.
Have you ?

	- scheduler-1 starts  "mailbox", and feeds it a bunch of
	  filenames to process
	- scheduler-1 is killed, and scheduler-2 is started
	- mailbox-1 is still running, but hasn't processed every file yet
	- scheduler-2 removes all directories on $POSTOFFICE/scheduler/
	  (and their contents) and starts to build new set of directories
	- mailbox-1 comes around to "local/69910", which is there no more
	  and complains
	- scheduler-2 gets around to create said directory and file in it.
	- scheduler-2 starts mailbox-2 and submits the file again, and
	  the file gets delivered

Problem:  I don't think the actual problem is there, however any mails have
	  not been lost! (to my knowledge, and I have been looking..)

> total 4
> drwxr-sr-x   2 root     daemon        512 May  5 10:35 hold
> drwxr-sr-x   2 root     daemon        512 May  5 10:36 local
> drwxr-sr-x   2 root     daemon       2048 May  5 10:37 smtp

	With these permissions everybody can read directory listings
and access files in these directories.  (If file-permissions allow
accessing, of course!)  Running with root permissions (uid 0) would
also mean that no such permission have any real effect.

> I don't use anything like NFS, NIS...

	Me neither, and still I get those messages every
	now and then...

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