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Re: zmailer transports smtp.c "bug"

> ZMailer/transports/smtp.c bug and fix
> -------------------------------------
> This is in reference to the Finnish distribution package
> zmailer2.2.1-mea-m8. I haven't back-checked on the earlier
> code I was running, so it's not clear that the problem is new
> or old, since I don't have the source handy.(I have a feeling it
> has been there all along).

	I think so too.

> On my system, getmyhostname() returns a simple unqualified hostname
> (just as 'hostname' does), whereas other machines may choose to
> define their hostname as host.domain. This case applies to the simple
> hostname scenario.

	See  libc/myhostname.c  for the code..

I guess you do not have DNS resolving in use, rather rely on "/etc/hosts"-
file (via NIS perhaps!), and in it you have a line like:	hostname hostname.fqdn

so that primary hostname is "hostname", not "hostname.fqdn"..
Change the file so that FQDN form is first, and then the current
code will find your "true" identity..

... (the suggested "bugfix" implemented in my sourceset..)

> Perhaps this can be put into the next distribution :-)

	Yes, once I am convinced that my Solaris 2.3 troubles are
	really due to Solaris, and not my somehow botched Zmailer
	sources.. Hmm..  (malloc() corruption -> SIGSEGV  :-(  )

	Soon, I hope.

> Cheers,
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	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>