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Re: mailing to files

>I have an alias that spools messages to file.  Something has changed on my
>system in the last day that results in the error message:
><local - /home/admin/ists/mail/enquiries 29999>: mail to file disallowed
>I don't want to spend too much time tracing down the problem and also don't
>want to drop any mail.
>Can someone offer some pointers as to how I might fix this.

Chances are it's a problem with permissions on the file or the
directory that contains the file.  Check out the doc/guides directory
in the source distribution.  The file "lists" contains some
information about how permissions and ownerships should be set up.
It may or may not pertain to your situation, but it did solve a problem
or two that I had.  If you are writing to a file via a list then it will
probably pertain to your situation.

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Computing and Network Services
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