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Re: bencode/bdecode'd mail broke in new version

> I recently moved from Zmailer 2.2 to zmailer-2.2.1-mea-940225
> and broke the part of our setup which creates the UUCP paths
> database.

  I am not sure, as I don't use UUCP mapping at all anywhere..
(very rare people do it in the Europe, we advocate FQDN addresses.)

Are you sure the problem happens in the   bdecode,  or in the data
that is fed to it ?    Those symptoms sound like what I suspected
in the  'mailbox' driver to happen, when it tries to de-compose
quoted-printable encoded email to a pipe, however it should not
trouble in your case..

Since then (930225) I have pushed out a bunch of fixes/rewrites on
940318,  but even that needed some (small) patches..  I guess I have
to push a new dump,  ummm.. it will be 940321.

> This worked fine before the zmailer upgrade.
> Any hints, tips, suggestions?

  Yes,  940321 works better,  no more core-drops from transporter
channels, even though it juggles with MIME-processing on programs
mailbox, smtp, and sm.  ( No, not a full MIME, but good enough fake
to let me to use raw ELM, and Emacs' VM, instead of PINE ;-)  )

Also, if the problem continues, do try to capture the data that is
feed TO the bdecode, and compare it with the original one.  I would
like to see, what happened to the data in transit.

> --Cheryl Bien
>   The Aerospace Corporation
>   bien@aero.org

  [short and long explanation versions deleted..]

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>