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Re: Grading systems

In article <2mcps3$8ig@scunix2.harvard.edu>, rmaimon@husc9.Harvard.EDU (Ron Maimon) writes:
>In article <2ma8jv$sn0@galaxy.ucr.edu>, baez@guitar.ucr.edu (john baez) writes:
>|> In article <2m9sma$98f@news.bu.edu> drory@buphyk.bu.edu (Alon Drory) writes:
>|> >The fear that Einstein was retarded originated in his family, because he
>|> >didn't speak until he was about three years old.
>|> I seem to recall some story like this, not necessarily about Einstein.
>|> (I will modify it a bit to make it more fun.)  The kid, who everyone
>|> thinks is retarded because he hasn't spoken until age 3, says to a house
>|> guest "Could you please smoke somewhere else?"  The parents, shocked,
>|> ask the kid why he just started talking.  He replies "Previously
>|> everything was satisfactory."  
>|> Does anyone know where this story got started?
>This has nothing to do with Einstein, but when I was in kindergarten, the
>teacher came up to my mother and grandfather and told them that they have
>a problem- that I fall asleep in class, I never participate, I refuse to
>recite the alphabet, and I can't count. She concluded that I am very
>probably mentally retarded, and should be tested and put in a special
>My grandfather looked surprized and told her, "but you do know that this
>child can read fluently and count up to a thousand?"
>She says, "Denying the problem is not going to solve it".
>Ron Maimon
When I was in Kindergarden, I came home one day with a button that said
"I know my colors".  My mother got VERY suspicious, because I am very
color blind.

She went to school the following day with me and spoke with the teacher.
The teacher said that she was surprised how well I knew them and continued
ad nausium.  My mother then asked to see what she used to "test" us.
There were about a dozen Donald Duck characters, each a different
color, with the color written under the duck.

To prove her point, my mother had to cover the words and asked me what color
each of the ducks were.  I couldn't tell.  The teacher was a bit pissed off,
claiming that I had someone tell me what the colors were, etc.  Nope.  I just
read them.

She sent me home with a note on a similar subject a few months later.  This time
she had written in script.  I read the note and had a debate over the contents.

After that she learned......

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