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Re: Origin of grep wanted ...

In article <CM9zBt.JGw@world.std.com>, Megan <mbg@world.std.com> wrote:
>haberlaa@OES.ORST.EDU (Adam Haberlach) writes:
>>	Actually, "grok" is from Robert A. Heinlein's book,
>>Stranger in a Strange land, and wouldn't necessarily
>>be "an American thing".  I use that fairly often, and
>>have heard it in many contexts.
>Correct reference, but the definitions for it have been incomplete.
>It means far more than to understand, to click, whatever.  It is
>more zen-like.  It is knowing someone/something so well that you
>and it are one.  (Actually, even the word 'knowing' is insufficient).
>It means to take something in with all of one's senses, to absorb its
>meaning at all levels.

Actually, the book gives the definition:  Grok means "drink"...

Of course, for a culture that doesn't have much water, drinking is a
big deal...

>					Megan Gentry