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CFP: International Conference on Signals and Systems (ICSS'94)

                   CALL FOR PAPERS

                International Conference
                on Signals and Systems

                (September 24-26, 1994)
                (Algiers, Algeria)

           Organized by the Institute of Electronics
           University of Science and Technology

The conference will focus on key issues in signals and systems.
Papers will be presented in the areas of,

-Sensors and Instrumentation
-Signal and Image Processing
-Communication Systems
-Systems Architecture
-Robotics and Process Control
-Power Electronics
-Environment and renewable Energy

Preferably English, French may be used.

A. Ouahabi (General Chairman)
M. Attari
F. Boumghar
B. Haddad
Y. Remram

Universite des Siences et de la Technology H-B
Algiers, Algeria

      International programme committee

-Dr H. Aourag (Sidi-Bel-Abbes,Algeria)
-Dr A. Bellaouar (Waterloo, Canada)
-Prof. H. Baudrand (Toulouse, France)
-Prof. M.I. Elmasry (Waterloo, Canada)
-Dr. B. Haraoubia (Algiers, Algeria)

#Sensors and Instrumentation
-Prof. A. D'Amico (Roma, Italy)
-Prof. J.F. Bohme (Bochum, Germany)
-Prof. M. Esashi (Sendai, Japan)
-Prof. P. Fabry (Grenoble, France)
-Prof. S. Middelhoek (Delft, The Netherlands)
-Prof. P.A. Payne (Manchester, UK)

#Signaland Image processing
-Prof. M. Bellanger (Paris, France)
-Prof. B. Bouashash (Brisbane, Australia)
-Prof. A. Chehikian (Grenoble, France)
-Dr. M.H. Hamza (Calgary, Canada)
-Dr. M. Jaidane (Tunis, Tunisia)
-Prof. G. Jourdain (Grenoble, France)
-Prof. H. Leich
-Prof. J.L. Lacoume (Grenoble, France)
-Dr. A. Ouahabi (Algiers, Algeria)
-Dr. A. Ouamri (Oran, Algeria)
-A/Prof. C.R. Rao (Pennsylvania, USA)
-Prof. A.N. Venetsanopoulos (Toronto, Canada)

#Communication Systems
-Prof. A. Chekima (Algiers, Algeria)
-Prof. A. Dabrowski (Poznan, Poland)
-Prof. B. Guerin (Grenoble, France)
-Prof. M. Mrayati (Damascus, Syria)
-A/Prof. M.S. El-Soudani (Doha, Qatar)

#Systems Architecture
-Prof. A. Boularas (Algiers, Algeria)
-Prof. N. Ellouze (Tunis, Tunisia)
-Dr. D. Preston (London, England)
-Dr. M.K. Selmane (Algiers, Algeria)
-Dr. H. Tedjini-Bailiche (Algiers, Algeria)

#Robotics and Process Control
-Prof. L. Abida (Batna, Algeria)
-Prof. K.J. Astrom (Lund, Sweden)
-Prof. T. Bennani (Rabat, Morocco)
-Prof. T. Bennouna (Rabat, Morocco)
-Prof. P. Eykhoff (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
-Prof. L. Ljung (Linkoping, Sweden)
-A/Prof. K. Youcef-Toumi (Cambridge, USA)
-Mr. R. Ouguini (Algiers, Algeria)

#Power Electronics
-Prof. B.K. Bose (Knoxville, USA)
-Prof. M. El-Adnani (Marrakech, Morocco)
-Prof. A. Feliachi (Morgantown, USA)
-A/Prof. G.C. Verghese (Cambridge, USA)

#Environment and Renewable Energy
-Prof. A. Adane (Algiers, Algeria)
-Dr. A. Maafi (ALgiers, Algeira)
-Prof. A.M. Sayigh (Reading, UK)


In accordance with the theme of the conference, the organizing
committe invites interested authors to submit 5 copies of the full
  The first half page of submission must contain the title of the
paper (Times Normal 24), authors names, affiliations, the area of
the paper (the topic), and an abstract followed by 4-6 keywords.
the numbers of pages must not exceed 5.
  The paper must be A4-Sized (21X29.7cm, White, 80g/m^2)
with single space, double columns. The text must be written with
Times 10 characters. Only Laser or Ink Jet printed papers are
accepted with 1/2" (1.3 cm) margins, 1" (2.54 cm) top and bottom
margins, and 1/4" (0.65 cm) space between columns. The text do
not contain footer and header.
  Paper selected by the programme committe will be presented
in oral presentation session within a 15-20 minutes period and
will be published in the conference proceedings which will be
distributed to the participants. Five original copies of the paper
(do not fold) should be sent to the conference secretariat of the
ICSS'94 before April 30, 1994.


+ Submission of full papers:
  April 30, 1994
+ Notification of acceptance:
  June 30, 1994


Service regarding information, registration, hotel booking and
reception of submitted papers will be carried out by,

Universite des sciences et de la technologie Houari Boumedienne
   BP.32 Bab-Ezzouar 16111 Alger, ALGERIA
         (213) 2 75 94 57 (office)
         (213) 2 75 94 57 (Fax)
         (64 343 USTA-DZ (Telex)