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Installing zmailer on an SGI/IRIX 4.0.5F


	I'm trying to test zmailer and am installing it on an SGI Indigo
running 4.0.5F of the OS. Everything compiled fine, and I am receiving mail
on the machine. However the local transport agent doesn't seem to deliver
it to the user mailboxes. The mail is sitting in $POSTOFFICE/queue and
never getting past that point. The user mailboxes are in "/usr/mail" which
is defined in the /etc/zmailer.conf by the "MAILBOX=/usr/mail" line.
I'm using primarily the default conf/cf files and have properly defined 
all users in the db/aliases. So where should I look next? 

I've been fighting with this for 2 days now, Am I missing the obvious?
Appreciate any info.

	-Peter Kaldis