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Re: Header Problems

At 20:32 931012 -0400, Scott Schwartz wrote:
>What's the problem with 'From ' being in bangpath format, when the
>'From:' line is in the official format?

Unix-ListProcessor, a mailing list manager, relies on the format of the
Envelope Sender (that is, the 'From ' line in Unix mbox format; SMTP's
'MAIL FROM:' parameter) for verifying a user. When a user subscribes
herself to a list via the command address, Unix-ListProcessor takes the
Envelope Sender as the address to add, not the Header From or Header

So, bangpath in Envelope Sender lines isn't a hassle IFF a user is
subscribing themselves, and IFF the host has always used ZMailer.

But if a user was subscribed manually by a list owner (who is more likely
to use the Header From), or the system previously used another MTA, such as
Sendmail, which, in my experience, uses @-format in Envelope Sender lines,
there will be a mismatch when the user tries to execute any command against
their subscription, and they'll be told they're not subscribed.

Michael S. Shappe <mss1@cornell.edu>