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Re: bug? in "elements" builtin

> if you do something like
> 	a=$(mxhosts nosuchhost)
> 	echo $(elements $a)
> or, even simpler:
> 	echo $(elements)
> the sh_elements implementation in libsh/builtins.c gets a segmentation fault.
> It shouldn't.   The result should probably be the same as for a nil (empty) list.
> 					\nick

Right you are. This happens every time in router on Sun OS 4.1.3.
Funny - I tried it on my Esix 4.0.3 (SVR4) port and all works fine -
- no core dumps - just normal echo. Both systems compiled with same gcc-2.4.5.

This may shed some light on the problem...

Peter Ziobrzynski, pz@modtor.emp.promis.com, Toronto, Ont. Canada