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Re: triple brackets

> It's lisplike.  The inner must set of brackets is required because
> there is a function call to hold.  The second set of brackets makes
> a list and the outermost set parenthesises the arg to return.

I understand the two sets: one for return() and one for creation of the tuple
There is no call to function 'hold' - there would be a '$' sign before '('
to make it a function call. The 'hold' is a channel type.

cf/standard.cf: line 155:

return (((hold "$defer" "$address" $attributes)))
         ^                                    ^        these belong to the list
        ^                                      ^       these are redundant
       ^                                        ^      these belong to return()

Am I right?
Peter Ziobrzynski, pz@modtor.emp.promis.com, Toronto, Ont. Canada