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Re: Long aliases break at 8192 chars

On Tue, 7 Dec 1993, Gilbert Taylor-Wood wrote:
> I have created an alias for all email users within my faculty, this is
> included within the aliases file. The list is simply one email address 
> per line and is 284 lines long or 9365 chars. 
> When I try to send a message to the list the list is truncated to the
> first 8192 chars, the final email address used is truncated, that email
> fails, the rest of the list is ignored.
> Can anybody tell me, 
> 1 - Is this an 'approved' way of running a list, Is there a better way?

There is a better way.  Use a file in the $MAILVAR/lists directory.  This
is how you define a "mailing-list" for zmailer.  

The format of the file is one address per line.  The name of the file is the
list alias.  The owner of the file gets error messages (the file owner's
permissions travel with the mail in the zmailer security model). 


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