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Zmailer - Listproc Config Question


	First off, pardon the Lisproc folks who might have received this, 
my email address has recently changed and my posting yesterday was 
rejected.  The problem that I am encountering has to do with the way 
listproc and ZMailer are configured.

I have a mailing list of some 900 recepients.  The way I have list 
options set up in the list config file is using the -m 25 flag which 
according to the man page is as follows:

     list -L <LIST_ALIAS> [-1] [-e] [-s] [-p]  [-P]  [-m #]  [-f]
     [-r] [-M] [-d] [-i <address>] [-v] [-D]

     -m number
          Normally, each outgoing message has one recipient. This
          flag  switches to multi-recipient outgoing messages and
          specifies the number of recipients to  be  included  in
          these messages.

OK, the way I read this is that listproc gets a request in and bundles 
the out messages in groups of 25 to my MTA (ZMailer in this case).  I 
would like to make this number larger because it appears to me that some 
efficencies can be gained by sending one large job to the MTA as opposed 
to individual messages.

What happens though is highlighted by the following error message:

The following errors occurred during message delivery processing:

<smtp nsisrv.gsfc.nasa.gov lmatys@nsisrv.gsfc.nasa.gov 65534>: 550 <lmatys@nsisrv.gsfc.nasa.gov>... Addressee unknown
<smtp nsisrv.gsfc.nasa.gov jmcclymo@nsisrv.gsfc.nasa.gov 65534>: 550 <jmcclymo@nsisrv.gsfc.nasa.gov>... Addressee unknown

----------  Original Message  ----------
rcvdfrom yukon ([])
with SMTP
from <cosndisc@yukon.cren.org>
to <l200-as@garnet.berkeley.edu>
to <jrpark00@ukcc.uky.edu>
to <gistan01@ukcc.uky.edu>
to <cpd247@ukcc.uky.edu>
to <ket.uucp!jeff.nelson@ms.uky.edu>
to <crbrown@cymbal.calpoly.edu>
to <sogcc@cunyvm.cuny.edu>
to <labsha@unix.cc.emory.edu>
to <yurcik@dftnic.gsfc.nasa.gov>
to <jmcclymo@nsisrv.gsfc.nasa.gov>
to <lmatys@nsisrv.gsfc.nasa.gov>
to <msiegel@quest.arc.nasa.gov>
to <sellers@lupine.nsi.nasa.gov>
to <smj@ns.sips.nc.gov>
to <sgou@seq1.loc.gov>
to <abolins@mail.loc.gov>
to <jsun@inet.ed.gov>
to <cstalfor@inet.ed.gov>
to <kstubbs@inet.ed.gov>
to <kwinters@inet.ed.gov>
to <dstaudt@cise.nsf.gov>
to <rholland@nsf.gov>
to <nsabelli@nsf.gov>
to <hwylen@nsf.gov>
to <jclement@nsf.gov>
Message-Id: <199311172316.AA10128@mh-slip.cren.net>
Errors-To: cosndisc-owner
Reply-To: cosndisc@yukon.cren.org
Originator: cosndisc@yukon.cren.org
Sender: cosndisc@yukon.cren.org
Precedence: bulk
From: marco@mh-slip.CREN.NET (Marco Hernandez)
To: Multiple recipients of list <cosndisc@yukon.cren.org>
Subject: [COSNDISC:27] Info about recent list changes ...
X-Listprocessor-Version: 6.0 -- ListProcessor by Anastasios Kotsikonas
X-Comment: Consortium for School Networking Discussion Forum List
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[  Text Deleted  ]

	OK, in that one bundling of 25, there were two errors, (bounces) 
but the way the MTA acts, none of the mail is delivered, the entire job 
fails ?

	What am I missing, how can I configure either Listproc or ZMailer 
to not cancel the entire job with x recepients on a bounce.  It has got 
to be a simple config option.

Thanks for the help ...

Marco Hernandez