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looking for a *large* zmailer site

i'm looking for some (slightly silly and subjective) information about
how well zmailer does under heavy load on some hardware that i

yes, i've searched the list archives, read in rayan's doc that that
was an intention  (he says:
"The development machine is a departmental system that processes 2000
messages a day.")

however, if anyone can make a statement of a form similar to:

"on my ss2 gateway zmailer handles xxx messages per hour at peak periods".

i'd appreciate hearing it.

i'm considering using it for an industrial-strength gateway that needs
to handle upward of 30000 messages per day.  

also, if anyone knows of benchmarks for mail transfer agents, i'd
appreciate hearing about them.

thanks for your time.  please reply directly in email, and i'll summarize
if there's interest.


Mark Seiden, mis@seiden.com or usenix.org or sug.org or cnmat.berkeley.edu 415 592 8559