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Re: zmailer.conf

Felix writes:
>(actually, I think /etc is a horrible place to put things, but I
>don't have anything better offhand.)

I put the zmailer root directory in /usr/local, since this is
so often exported (or imported in). Then so that the namelength
problem doesn't occure with the zmailer scripts, I create a
	ln -s /usr/local/zmailer /zmailer

on every machine that I want zmailer to be seen on (assuming that
/usr/local is exported to them)

i.e. on namelength issue:
	newaliases can become /zmailer/bin/newaliases

Then if you want, you can provide a symlink in /etc for zmailer.conf
which can really reside in /usr/local/zmailer/zmailer.conf

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