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Re: zmailer.conf

> I just realized, the proper place for zmailer.conf is in the
> postoffice directory, since every machine that needs the same
> zmailer.conf will share the same postoffice directory.

  Ah, good morning ;-)    (yes, I am a bit sarcastic at this late hour..)

> Of course, the location of the postoffice is defined in zmailer.conf,
> so it also needs to be put in /etc, which is what I was trying to
> avoid in the first place :-)

  I have symlink in /etc at those machines which run Zmailer.
Also I own the $POSTOFFICE, altough not all of its subdirectories
to simplify software compilation and installation as non-root..

> --

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi>