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Possible problem in rfc822hdrs.c or rfc822.c

If a line in the headers begins with a ':', router coredumps. Here's the
#0  0x1b6d8 in makeHeader (db=0x8d440, s=0x12f48 "X-Null-Field", len=12)
    at rfc822hdrs.c:141
#1  0x13200 in makeLetter (e=0x14ae3c, octothorp=0) at rfc822.c:210
#2  0x12b1c in run_rfc822 (argc=2, artv=0x910b0) at rfc822.c:93

It acutally appears that rfc822.c:210 is trying to correct for this by
creating an X-Null-Field header.

The problem is caused by a bug on one of our VM/CMS systems, whose
mail-forwarding code occasionally inserts a line like this:
between the trace headers and the main headers.


Michael S. Shappe <mss1@cornell.edu>