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More on the scheduler...

To follow up on the thread that I started a while back, I have verified
that while message age SEEMS to get carried over from one instance of
scheduler to the other, the messages NEVER get expired.  It may sound
wierd, but it looks as though the new scheduler, when started up, cannot
cross day boundaries properly.  This might be best illustrated by an

If I have certain messages (oh, say SMTP) set to expire after 3 days, and
I have a new scheduler starting each night, mailq will never show less
than 2 days remaining to expiration.  And the messages will never get

On another note...  though I can't propose a fix, and it is not really a
dangerous problem... If you are running multiple routers in parrallel and
the first router dies (say from a segmentation fault), because that is the
PID in the .router.pid file, mailq will report that there is no router
running - even though there may still be numerous others running.  Like I
said, not exactly life-threatening - just a little scary the first time I
encountered it.


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