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Re: scheduler wish list

> I've found ZMailer's default configuration to be unsuitable for use on
> sites with UUCP connections, and I've not had the inclination (or time)
> to fix it. 

Eh?  Do you mean sites that are UUCP only, or sites that talk UUCP to
other sites generally?

We have over three hundred UUCP connections here and ZMailer is a
personal godsend for me and for the poor machine that tries to do some
25k messages/day.

Our configuration is pretty vanilla, as is the one utai, which also does
quite a bit of SMTP/UUCP gatewaying.

We also have at least three UUCP-only neighbours who are running ZMailer
and are happy as clams with it.  

Besides, ZMailer's router grammar is about as close to the Bourne shell
as you're going to get...