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Re: zmailer on DEC Alpha OSF1

> >   Could you make available the whole  libc/mail.c -- or make diffs from
> > the Toronto source -- getmntpt() et.al. don't exist in my source at all..
> Oops.  Sorry about that, getmntpt is only in scheduler/mailq.c in the
> distribution.  Using it in mail.c was part of a local hack to get "Received:"
> lines in headers on messages sent from workstations.
> I'll send you all of libc/mail.c in a separate message.

  Ok, so that piece of code is used in two places now, thus I pulled it
out, and edited a bit to get it to compile on SunOS4.1 (gcc):  whathost.c
in libc/.

  Anybody with good ideas as to what to do with the RFC-822 header rewrite
mistake ?  Somewhere in the  router/  I assume..

>  -Guy

	/Matti Aarnio