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Re: Return-Receipt-To?

> It seems that ZMailer doesn't honour 'Return-receipt-to', although it does
> recognize it as a header to which it should pay attention (it's in the
> headers database). Am I missing something again? If not, has anyone added
> code to their ZMailer to make it honour these?

	Well, pays attention as to check its content syntax,
	but does not act upon it.

	That header is sendmailism, which is not really standardized.
(Wide usage doesn't always count as standard..)    I didn't find
"Return-Receipt-To:" referred to in any RFC in range 800..1499.

Lately PP-mailer contained in ISODE package has shown habits of marking
sort of "(Receipt Notification Requested)" et.al. things into INDIVIDUAL

Check RFC 1327.

On overall, this is a topic under developement in IETF (but I haven't
seen results..)

> Michael S. Shappe <mss1@cornell.edu>

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>

PS:	I just wrote partial support for RFC1425..RFC1428 extensions
	into the smtpserver.  Some cleanups are still necessary, however
	it was a good excercise on madness of RFC-821 <path> syntax..
	( ! and % were illegal in address, as well as address
	  foo@[].[]   was valid!  )
	More after Amsterdam IETF.