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Re: running multiple smtpservers with shared postoffice directory

Couldn't hurt to try, I suppose. Depends on how your MX records
are set up (i.e., the slave smtpservers may never actually do
anything if your site has a single MX server in the NS database)

You can clean up the .pid files by mounting the main postoffice
directory indirectly:

	on the slave (details may vary depending on your setup):

	create a /zmailer/postoffice subdirectory
	mount yourserver:/zmailer/postoffice /.postoffice

( note that the dotted name "hides" the directory from the normal
  user's ls command)

Then provide links to the subdirectories in the servers postoffice:

	ln -s /.postoffice/* /zmailer/postoffice

This allows the slave to have it's own .pid files when you startup
the smtpserver locally


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