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Firstname.Lastname@place Question

Hello all,

Is there a way that ZMAILER can handle aliasing in the form of:
Firstname.Lastname@node and route it somewhere?

Right now I accomplish this by having anything coming in to
Firstname.Lastname@MSVU.Ca routed to a vax running Multinet and PMDF
and having the PMDF alias database handle the re-rerouting to the
proper user@node.

I tried putting this alias in Zmailer but I keep getting something
like "Unknown news group" when I send mail to it - I assume it's
picking up the period and treating it as a news group.

Ant help will be greatly appreciated.


Murray Latter                            Phone: (902) 457-6460
Coordinator Network Services             Email: Murray.Latter@MSVU.CA
Mount Saint Vincent University           Fax:   (902) 445-3960
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3M 2J6