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Re: Does $(recipient) work correctly?

> I tried using:
>    if [ $(recipient) ]; then
>       ... stuff ...
>    fi
> in "internet" in crossbar.cf, and it never seemed to
> be true. Am I misunderstanding how it is used?

  Ah, but of course -- you are do a function call of procedure
recipient. What you wanted to do is:

	if [ "$recipient" ]; then

Altough where-from you get that set is beyond me...
("log recipient: ..." does not set it..)

> Also, in the dafault case, what is supposed to end up
> in the .../postoffice/postman directory? I seem to have
> gotten a lot of legitimate messages there.

Per default you get all who have bad headers (and other such
cases) as well as those who come from outside and claim
originating from your system.  (IMAP, and POP users for example..)

	# Configure error logging (squirrel)

	squirrel badheader
	squirrel -breakin

First will log those with errors, while second will not log
IMAP/POP-users merely for using such partially defined protocol...

> Finally, has anyone worked on lowering scanning times for
> router/scheduler so that they respond faster to messages
> placed in their queues. Maybe even read a message queue or
> named pipe?

  No, but running parallel routers does help a lot.

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi>  Postmaster