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Re: zmailer suggestion

  Date: 	Tue, 23 Feb 1993 11:42:47 PST
  From: Nicholas_Briggs.PARC@xerox.com
  In the proposal that was made, I think that the "Precedence: Junk" is enough of
  a hint on the part of the sender that they really don't care to get
  non-delivery reports (but again, i'll emphasize that it should be logged so
  that if questions do arise there is some trace of the message disposition).
In our current sendmail setup, the only users of "Precedence: Junk" are
system accounting scripts.  They generate a large amount of mail, most
of which would be uninteresting to people are off-campus with their
mail forwarded.  I can't think of any reason for users (or ordinary
mailing lists) to send "Junk" mail.