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A poser for you...

Having not yet quite learned how to interpret Zmailer .cf files, I've got a
question for those of you who have...

There are certain hostnames for which I would like Zmailer to treat them as if
they were 'local' as far as routing is concerned, even tho' the 'local'
delivery methods should not be used. These include our 'generic' address
('cornell.edu') and several 'pseudohosts' I've created for handling special

For example, right now, mail to foo@cornell.edu goes through router and comes
out as @router.mail.cornell.edu:foo@cornell.edu. I would like this not to
happen, since it's redundant -- cornell.edu is an MX-record which points to

IDA sendmail has this concept -- a non-local host for whom routing through the
local host should be stripped. Can Zmailer be taught it? Or does it already
have this concept, and I just missed it?