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Re: Bug found

> According to Matti Aarnio:
> >   Are you sure ?  I wonder why I never get such a case in here.
> > Could you show me your  1) /etc/zmailer.conf, 2) $MAILSHARE/db/localnames
> > 3) $MAILSHARE/db/routes   ?
> > (And of course: name your REAL "aahost.."  ccsun.tuke.cs ?)
> aahost... is really ccsun.tuke.cs. There are mentioned files:
> 1) /etc/zmailer.conf
>        MAILSERVER=ccsun.tuke.cs
>        SMTPOPTIONS="-l /var/log/smtpserver"
>        #PUNTHOST=ccsun.tuke.cs
>        #SMARTHOST=uccsun

  Quite normal, altough I do not use "MAILSERVER" myself at all...

> 2) $MAILSHARE/db/localnames   (is empty)
>        #a This *entire* file must be kept sorted (comments included!)
>        #b $hostname need not be in this file

  That is your trouble !
It is nice to know it works (most of the time) even with empty "localnames",
but adding there
will fix it without need to change router .cf -files.
(I have a dozen different names for my host, that is why I never saw
 a need for lowercasifying address -- same with Toronto setup I suppose.)

> K a m i l   K U K U R A
> Kamil_Kukura@ccsun.tuke.cs

 	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>