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Found an example! See below.

I also checked the smtpserver log. The said log shows that the MAIL
FROM: line is just <Jose.Artigas@Corp.Sun.COM>, but it seems that at
some point in the submission process, the envelope from (below) is
instead getting set to the first line (and *only* the first line) of
the HEADER From:.

SO, having finally figured this out (gads, I'm thick...to the
gentleman who reprimanded me for my original post on this topic, you
were correct, and I must learn to be less sharp-sounding in future), I
tried to figure what would cause this behaviour... after all, Zmailer
was using MAIL FROM: as its' envelope from, right?

Then I looked closely at the headers, and it hit me in the head: it
wasn't Zmailer at all...but rather PHQuery! When not provided a sender
address on the command line, it hunts for it in the headers...and it's
hunting-code was only grabbing the one line!

So, I am now invoking phquery thusly:

phquery   Efnm		/usr/zmailer/bin/ta/phquery phquery $u

The 'f' flag should provide a '-f <sender>' to the command line (and
phquery does know to look for that)...we'll see if that clears it up.

I'll go bake myself some crow, now...


- ------- Forwarded Message

To:	Jose.Artigas@Corp.Sun.COM (Jose Luis Artigas - Sales Mgr - Latin
From:	The Post Office <postmaster@router.mail.cornell.edu>
Sender: mailer-daemon@router.mail.cornell.edu
Subject: Invalid envelope data/bad header(s)
Cc:	The Post Office <postoffice@router.mail.cornell.edu>
Reply-To: postoffice@router.mail.cornell.edu
Message-Id: <92Dec17.112413est.160633(3)@router.mail.cornell.edu>
Date:	Thu, 17 Dec 1992 11:24:13 -0500

**** This is an automated reply. Please enclose a copy of this ****
**** message with any correspondence regarding it.             ****

The following message arrived with illegal envelope data, typically a
mangled address that doesn't obey the RFC822/976 protocol specification.
If you do not recognize the source of the bad header, perhaps you should
contact a Postmaster at your site and ask why your mail was rejected.

Your message is being returned unprocessed.

The following annotated envelope headers illustrate the error(s):

Error in "from" envelope address:

	Jose.Artigas@Corp.Sun.COM(Jose Luis Artigas - Sales Mgr - Latin)
				 ^-missing closing ')' in token

The entire original message file follows.

- - -----------------------------------------
from Jose.Artigas@Corp.Sun.COM (Jose Luis Artigas - Sales Mgr - Latin
to cap3@postoffice.mail.cornell.edu
Received: from Athena.MIT.EDU ([]) by router.mail.cornell.edu with SMTP
 id <160633(5)>; Thu, 17 Dec 1992 11:23:58 -0500
Received: from Sun.COM by Athena.MIT.EDU with SMTP
	id AA10971; Thu, 17 Dec 92 10:38:25 EST
Received: from Corp.Sun.COM (lemay.Corp.Sun.COM) by Sun.COM (4.1/SMI-4.1)
	id AA15363; Thu, 17 Dec 92 07:38:22 PST
Received: from llanero.Corp.Sun.COM by Corp.Sun.COM (4.1/elliemay (corpmail1
	id AA09986; Thu, 17 Dec 92 07:38:20 PST
Received: by llanero.Corp.Sun.COM (4.1/SMI-4.1)
	id AA10883; Thu, 17 Dec 92 07:35:20 PST
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1992 10:35:20 -0500
X-PH: V3.12@router.mail.cornell.edu
From: Jose.Artigas@Corp.Sun.COM (Jose Luis Artigas - Sales Mgr - Latin
Message-Id: <9212171535.AA10883@llanero.Corp.Sun.COM>
To: venezuela@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Desconexion Temporal
Content-Length: 136

[text deleted]

- ------- End of Forwarded Message

------- End of Forwarded Message