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Re: bug in lib/rfc822scan.c

On Thu, 17 Dec 92 13:25:04 EST, Matti Aarnio said...
>  This works nicely.  Also for this:
>	To: xxx (lengthy comment
>	    on extension as well)

Really? Well, then that's the fix for my earlier complaint, I suppose
(or am I misunderstanding?)

>	To: "comments in quotes" "another" xxx
>leads to a disaster (quotes disappear), however:
>	To: "comments in quotes" "another" <xxx>
>works... (it is caused by router stripping quotes to find local parts,
>but it doesn't recognize presence of non-quoted xxx to be address..)

I'm not sure, but I think a strict interpretation of 822/976 says that
that SHOULD fail -- that the format is supposed to be 
	Address (Comments)
	Comments <Address>
But not
	"Commments" address