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Re: Zmailer shortcomings (re pop/imap clients)

> While we're on this subject...
> I just found a problem with MX handling. 
> Assume that the MX for somebody points to me. Therefore, the MX lookup
> returns an error. Unfortunately, that host has an A record, therefore
> smtp_neighbour returns a pointer to that host. Not good.
> I can't just trash the A lookup because many idiots out there don't know 
> what MXes are.  :-(
> The system in question has an A record because they're using UUCP over TCP
> to pick up their mail. SMTP delivery must take precedence over UUCP delivery
> because otherwise we would run into serious problems.

  Isn't this the case for the   $MAILSHARE/db/routes -database ?
At least I have used it for that purpose..

> This fixes the immediate problem, but it's a very ugly solution -- mainly
> because I have to remember to add new UUCP/TCP systems to this database..
> I'd rather have an MX+A subtype for the bind database which returns
> an A record only if there's no MX at all present.
> NB: The block_smtp database is defined somewhere else.
> Actually, it hangs off the multiple-access multiple-subtype gdbm-style
> database I'm playing with right now. (Still somewhat flaky. But "multiple
> access" includes multiple concurrent writers, which is why I'm doing this.)

  Well, maybe you want it separate from the routes then...

> Matthias Urlichs  --  urlichs@smurf.sub.org -- urlichs@smurf.ira.uka.de 

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

PS: My scheduler crashes smell like syslog() faults on (too) long strings.