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Re: Zmailer shortcomings (re pop/imap clients)

This is side-stepping the Zmailer into mail-clients,

Michael Scott Shappe writes:
> There was actually a rather heated an lengthy debate on this issue on
> the IETF-Remmail list a few months back. No real consensus was
> reached, but there was a strong opinion that while SMTP was not 100%
> adequate -- particularly in its lack of user authentication -- there
> was not much point in inventing a new protocol just for use by
> clients; many felt that this would be the equilvilent of locking the
> door while your window was wide open.

  More than autentication, I want to have sensible coherent way to
have mail sent out for those lusers -- there is a wild collection of
errors from past year as our users do not want to learn anything about
mail addresses, etc... (with POP3/SMTP, and now undoubtly with IMAP/SMTP
as well.)
  They even try to put PC-8-bit characters into addresses (a-umlaut for
example) "because recipient user name has it.."
  Worst of all, those client programs require to be feed with user
identity, and users do not know what they address is...

(and of course  squirrel  took a copy of all those messages, untill I
 disabled it..)

> /mss1

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>