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Zmailer shortcomings

Ok, folks, let's talk turkey.

Zmailer has a number of shortcomings, or rather, short sightedness,
that I was wondering if anyone else found annoying enough to fix...

1] From: header lines that are continued on the following line
   (perfectly legal RFC822) *never* work, especially if it is a
   comment that is being continued. An example:

From: mshappe@harper-hall.cit.cornell.edu (By way of 

This format is used by Eudora (a popular Mac POP client in wide use
here at Cornell) to denote some forms of forwarding. It's perfectly
legal 822, but Zmailer bounces it saying that it's not complete. It
ignores the continuation line entirely and wonders where the closing
paren is.
2] X.400 addresses in "/PN=Fishbait/ADMD=Moose Liver/"@sprint.com
format never seem to work. Ususally the error is something along the
lines of 'illegal domain name', I believe. 

These are two off the top of my head that I can think of. I have no
doubt they're reparable, but I have yet to be able to disentangle
Rayan's code enough to figure out where the fix should go :-)