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Re: NIS/zmail

>  However, my problems go back even further.
> Two new questions:
> 1)	Will zmail work using the name resolution built in
> 	using NIS? If so, are the changes made in 
> 	hostenv/SunOSxx:  Comment out resolv parts and include
> 	host parts?

   Hmm..  No, keep resolv-parts, even Sun supplied libresolv.a
should do it.  However do set  B=-b  at your NIS master Makefile.
(and when you do that, remake at least the hosts maps.)
I myself did remove "-lresolv" from makefiles, however I have
generated new  shared libc with  bind.4.8.3+ -resolver...

> 2)	If we're content to have SMARTHOST handle all nonlocal
> 	mail, can we do without name resolution whatsoever?

  Well, some resolution is necessary in every case, but NIS-flavoured
one will do.

> TIA,
> Tim Arnold                      Instructional Computing
> Internet: arnold@stat.ncsu.edu  North Carolina State Univ.

	/Matti Aarnio