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Re: mailing list errors not being sent to list owner

> I have a mailing list which generates an error, but the error is sent
> to the message sender, rather than the owner of the list data file.
> This is puzzling, since the router does know the correct owner of the list:


I have been hitting my head on the wall lately, now I think I have gotten it
working.  A new (nasty?) overrider feature inside  router  -program, which
required modification at the  scheduler() as well as at run_listaddrs().

Undoubtly Rayan will be able to do it with some more finesse :)

See below what my diffs contain -- a short collections of things seen
there while browsing that file..  There are Middleton's router patches,
but not his IRIS/smtp patch.., Nor Dan Erlich's AUTH patches..

As that nearly complete diff-set is about 46kB in size, I will not
include it here, rather I let you to FTP it from my local host:

	ftp utu.fi
	Login: anonymous
	Password: user@your.local.host
	ftp> bin
	ftp> cd /pub/zmailer
	ftp> get zmailer-2.2.1-vs-mea.diff

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>

PS: I use GCC 2.2.2, not GCC 1.4x...

Commentary texts from the beginning:
Diffs by  Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi>  into Zmailer 2.2 running at Sun4/SunOS4.1.2
Dated: 29-Oct-1992

	* scheduler/mailq -S -- summary report
	* router/router fixes, and new feature in old primitive:
		- functions.c: listaddress  [ -E errors-to-address ] [...]
		- router.c: getpgrp() -call semantics... SysV vs BSD..
			    uid_t is not short !  (Well, usually is, but..)
	* Makefiles will not (anymore) loose themselves when running
	  (Maybe this needs at first:
		for x in `find . -name Makefile -print`;do cp $x $x.orig; done
	   before it works -- not only by applying these patches..)
	* compat/sendmail -program will forget the first "From " -line, if
	  next line is something what looks like RFC-header ("Xxxxx: ").
	  Helps many client programs which assume they have BSD sendmail as
	  their mailer..
	  Also added some (silenly ignored) options to it.
	* transport/mailbox MUST USE NFS-locking -- USE_LOCKF -- at Sun
	* Sample config files (diffs) contain:
		- tricks to bugger at somebody using in% -address
		  (Our VMS lusers never learn..)
		- p-usenet.cf refers to  $MAILVAR/db/active.sorted (which is
		  a symlink to so named file in C-NEWS area -- local hack to
		  run sort(1) at it every night..)  As per default, News
		  active- file is NOT sorted, and used relation expects it to
		  be one..
		- rrouter.cf uses  UUCPACTION  and  BITNETACTION  as well as
		  UNRESOLVABLEACTION at proper places.  Now I can route BITNET
		  where-ever I want independent of other things...
		  Also added (enabled)  $(fullnamemap ...) so that it really
		  works!  Added a few channel definitions for anticipated
		  BITNET routing -- for one of my hosts..