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Re: bad message-id? [when running multiple routers]

I got the following message from another sysadmin, but I find it hard to
believe that zmailer would break the rules of rfc822. Usually when this happens
the real cause of the problem is that the remote site is running a version of
sendmail that does not conform to the rfc's.

I haven't read the mail rfc's though, so who is "doing the right thing"?

> Date:	Sat, 10 Oct 1992 16:47:50 -0400
> Subject: bad message-id
> To:	postmaster@ecf.toronto.edu
> Your site "skule.ecf.toronto.edu" is generating bad message-id headers in
> outgoing mail, such as:
> 	<92Oct9.153520edt.4764(3)@skule.ecf.toronto.edu>
> 			      ^ ^
> 				broken
> This isn't RFC822-conformant, so a fix would be appreciated to prevent more
> messages bouncing.
> thanks,
> postmaster@apana.org.au

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