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zmailer v. Unix listserv (little, but awkward problem)

Anastasios Kotsikonas's useful listserv (v.5.5) program almost works
with zmailer, but for one little problem.

In order to stuff the "From:" line into a message to a listserv mailing
list (to indicate who the original submitter of a message is), it
searches only for a "From: " line with a space, not a tab following the
':' in the orinal message.

The change to listserv is on the wish list for the next version (v.6.0),
but meanwhile, is there a quick patch for zmailer to use a space
instead of a tab, for those of use who need the listserv/zmailer

Apparently it's very similar to the problem with using zmailer with
conjunction with NeXT Mail.