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zmailer caching copy of /etc/passwd?

When zmailer gets mail from an unknown (new) user, it shows up as 'uid#N'.
Is there any way to fix this so that it gets the correct login name?
We would be willing to take a performance hit to prevent this.
(This is with zmailer2.2, but it existed with previous releases)

> From gorrie Mon Sep 14 16:56:51 1992
> From:   Jack Gorrie <gorrie>
> To:     steve, phil
> Subject: bug still in zmail
> Date:   Mon, 14 Sep 1992 16:56:46 -0400
> With a newly created account (today), I get
> >  From uid#725 Mon Sep 14 15:34:42 1992
> >  From:   uid#725
> >  To:     gorrie@ecf
> so the new zmailer is still using a cache of logins.

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