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zmailer & tuucp?

I'm trying to figure out how to use Taylor uucp "sys" files in
conjunction with zmailer (instead of HDB or other "L.sys" or
"Systems" files).  The catch is that instead of using an
unordered relation to look for lines line:

remotesysname ....

Tuucp "sys" files contain considerable information in them, in
lines of the form:  keyword whitespace parameters (plus lines with
#comments and null lines).

So, the appropriate equivalent of the ldotsys relation needs to
ignore most of the sys file, and pick up remote system names from
lines that read:

sys  remotesystemname

The obvious workaround is to create a pseudo database (from the sys
file using an awk script or whatever) in $MAILVAR or wherever that
looks like an L.sys file, but that seems inelegant.

Anyone know of a more straightforward way?