Anon-CVS access instructions for ZMailer source tree

Do note that these are somewhat guru-oriented instructions;
if you don't know what the CVS is, you propably should not continue here.

Subject: zmailer on anonymous-CVS
Date:    Thu, 26 Feb 1998 16:06:06 +0200 (GMT)

I am creating an anonymous CVS repository for the ZMailer.
(easiest approach out of many possibilities, I think..)

You can initialize the synced repository with commands:
(I leave it to you to recognize prompts ;) )

  $ cvs -d login
  Password:  cvs
  $ cd /your/source/tree
  $ cvs -d checkout zmailer
and then update it against my tree every now and then with commands:
  $ cd /your/source/tree/zmailer
  $ cvs update -dAP
This requires CVS of version 1.8 or newer -- current (2003-Apr-3) is 1.11.2.

/Matti Aarnio <>

There exists also another r/o installation of the CVS repository courtesy of Eugene Crosser:

  $ cvs -d login
  Password:  cvs
  $ cd /your/source/tree
  $ cvs -d checkout zmailer

The server is in Australia (2003-April-3), and the tree is synced daily around 2 AM GMT!

Anon-R/O-RSYNC access method to the CVS repository

Here is ZMailer CVS available thru R/O anonymous rsync

Access thru command like:

rsync -avz<Module> your/local/path
rsync -avz<Module>/path/under your/local/path

The modules available are:

Module          Content
ZCVS            The entire CVS repository (CVSROOT in fact) where
                the ZMailer lives in.

You may also consider adding ``-z'' option; these files are compressible...

At I have scripted following commandline as ZCVS-rsync:

rsync -rlztpv --delete /home/mea/ZCVS \
          | egrep -v '/$'

Some people don't seem to know the difference in between 'Anonymous-CVS' and 'Anonymous-r/o-rsync of repository'.

The main difference is that in rsync case, you get the repository into your local system, instead of updating against it over the network.

  $ cd /your/source/tree
  $ cvs -d /your/local/ZCVS-copy-path checkout zmailer
and then latter at first update the repository with rsync every now and then, and then update your work copy:
  $ ZCVS-rsync
  $ cd /your/source/tree/zmailer
  $ cvs update -dAP

12 March 1998:

Summaries of log-messages given to cvs commit at my source repository are emailed to address <>

You can subscribe to that list with this type of letter:

 $ Mail
 Subject: (irrelevant)

 subscribe zmailer-update

The "mailto-URL" above should generate proper email in case where your web browser, and email client, are sufficiently integrated, and properly configured.

It being Majordomo, you must have consistent headers, or it barfs at you, and very likely refuses to work.