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2.99.52 is out!

  Now I am fairly happy with it, and it survives my rather hostile
(high load) environments just fine.


- Reworked the scheduler to never get it into sticky situations
- Reworked the scheduler to enable it to run multiple parallel
  TAs at the threads (which may *occasionally* be usefull thing.)
- Propably fixed excessive ETRN related queue startups at the
- Using SFIO at smtp & mailbox TAs, and at scheduler; last one
  for getting past stupid Solaris limit of 256 FDs at standard
  STDIO layer. At TAs the issue is more about replacing usually
  the write stream with layered machinery enabling us to do
  TLS mode SMTP client (not tested yet!).
- Tracked lots of subtle memory allocation bugs which kept showing
  up as coredumps.
- Found a bug at  loadifaddresses()  support routine which didn't
  manage to receive more than very few interface addresses.
- Been cleaning up smtpserver responce codes - don't use any
  non-RFC-821 codes
- Scheduler  mailq  interface has beginnings of a new (v2)
  interface. See scheduler/MAILQ-V2 and proto/scheduler.auth

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>