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zmailer and lists...

Our zmailer mailq -sv shows mail being delivered by either a majordomo 
list, or a: 	$MAILSHARE/lists/list

as having the following local address...

        U/33222-22465:  header write to "/var/mail/someuser" failed 
		(retry in 12h37m38s, expires in 2d23h, tries=1)
          id    <123456AB.CDEFGH01@aa.bcdefgh.ca>
          from  some-mailing-list-alias-owner@chebucto.ns.ca
          to    someuser@chebucto.ns.ca


'normal' mail destined to the same user (in this case from outside the 
system) appears as:

        A/33306-22465:  header write to "/var/mail/kimt" failed (retry in 
		11h37m46s, expires in 2d23h, tries=1)
          id    <1234567AB.CDEFGH01@Aaa.bcdefgh.ca>
          from  somebody@aa.bcdefgh.ca
          to    someuser@chebucto.ns.ca

My question is... is this normal behaviour or does this look like the 
result of our 'customization'... ;-)

We started out with a considerable amount of customization associated 
with mailing lists but we have been working our way back towards a 
standard version the last couple of installs.


I've been testing procmail as a delivery agent w/systemwide filters and 
mail from lists is bypassing my test acount... this raised my curiosity.

seasons greetings... ;-)

david potter