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Re: smtp-auth working on 2.99.50s19+ on freebsd?

Tomaz Borstnar wrote:
> Hello!
>         Weird, weird. I'd like to use non-TLS smtp authentication for my mail-only
> clients, but can't make it work. Best I've come to was incorrect passwords
> in CVS code as of 2 weeks ago - no luck with .50 or .51. Is it that hard or
> am I missing something? Do I need anything more than 'PARAM   smtp-auth' in
> smtpserver.conf?
>   Doing this on FreeBSD 3.3-stable.

	non-TLC authentication works just fine on my FreeBSD-3.1 RELEASE with
2.99.51  All authentication make through RADIUS PAM module.

	O-oh, sorry.  I had to comment out pam_acct_mgmt() call in
smtpserver/zpmwatch.c near line 136.

	CU, Victor Gamov