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Miraculous problem, possibly BAD!

I suddently noticed a thing that I did not pay attention before, and hardly
could beleive.  Actually, I cannot fully beleive in it now.  But it looks
really bad.

I noticed that mail sometimes (rarely) disappears.  I started looking
into $POSTOFFICE and found it.  It was lying in queue/?/nnnn-nnnn files;
there where *no* corresponding transport/?/* files, mailq did not see it.
Move those files into router/ and mail gets delivered.  There where a few
messages half a year old!  And a few quite fresh.

I would think that these are files left of hard reboots etc. but there
where two cases when I *saw* messages going this way.  They where
submit locally by `sendmail' frontend and went directly to queue/...,
no traces in the log.

I am puzzled.  Any thoughts?

System is Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6 on SPARC, filesystem is simple UFS
on local disk.