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Re: router alias expansion problem - upgrading from 2.99.48 to 2.99.51

> But, just recently, I submitted my own mail server for ORBS testing and it
> passed their tests.  The test shown above wasn't a part of their battery.  
> But, even if it is, the test should not be deemed a positive unless the
> ORBS tester actually receives the message it sent back. As it happens
> (paraphrasing the 'mail-abuse.org' testor), "that message was rejected
> internally."

AFAIK ORBS do not blacklist hosts unless they actually receive the message
relayed through the tested system.

Our system got into ORBS a couple of times in the past but I never had
problems un-listing it.  Although to my taste they are too aggressive.
You get listed before you even know...