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header corruption -- solved

The header corruption problem I was seeing was caused by installing a
new version of zmailer over an old one. I did delete the router.fc file, 
but apparently the cf/ files are not overwritten when one does "make
install" and this can result in strange behavior.

I am a bit worried by zero interest from developers. The issue was
serious, corrupted headers and lost E-mails. It was my error, I know,
but I expected someone would at least take interest... I got no answers
to the two emails I sent to the list, not even requests to submit
precise details or debug the problem.

Anyway, I've reinstalled most of $MAILVAR and everything works fine now.

By the way: the scheduler process is fairly large (2.4MB on my laptop)
and does not get swapped out (RSS is 2340kB). It seems the scheduler
sometimes walks over its pages and touches them all. For a large server
this does not matter, but for smaller machines one would prefer a
smaller process that swaps out unused pages. Is anybody working on that?

best regards,