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Re: LUDI - Local User Data Interface

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Eugene Crosser wrote:
> /* ludi_mbquota() accepts user name, "host" name as on routing result,
>    "user" part of routed data, and current mailbox size.  It should
>    return 0 if it is OK to write to the mailbox, or non-zero if `mailbox
>    full' condition encountered.  */
> extern int
>         ludi_mbquota(char *usernam, char *domain, char *fulladdr, int size);

If you're going to do this much work, might I recommend that you go one
small step further. 

It could, for instance, return the remaining available quota space for the
user (so that we can avoid exceeding their quota if the current msg won't
fit), zero if no quota, or a non-positive number (-1) if they are already
over their quota.